A Refugee Children Trauma Care Program


Sabeen remembers how the soldiers came into her village. They came to her father and cut his face, telling him that they wanted him to fight with them. The next night Sabeen and her family fled, hiking for many days though the mountains. She told us how completely exhausted she was but that they could not stop until they reached safety. Finally they made it to Turkey and eventually ended up in here in San Diego. We met Sabeen at our week-long day camp Camp Hope  in August 2016. One day she arrived in a bit of a daze, telling us that she didn't sleep well that night and that she rarely sleeps well. She is constantly restless and has frequent nightmares of her experiences in Syria.

Hundreds of children with stories like Sabeen have arrived in San Diego in the past months. The pain and traumatic experiences of these children have the potential to lead to a host of problems including addiction, inability to make interpersonal connections, anger, rage, depression, and hopelessness. 


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We recognize that our society as a whole is broken as are our faith communities and organizations. We are not well equipped to care for victims of war and trauma. Therefore we need to create a new and unique structure and model for a caring environment that is able to provide necessary care for victims of war. This environment we will create must provide a sense of stability, safety for the children and families that we are attempting to help, and trusting relationships. 

Project Hope San Diego (PHSD) is an initiative to both train caregivers and provide hope and healing for refugees, which will include:

    •    Ongoing trauma care training and team building for volunteer caregivers

    •    Seeking out refugee children and families here who remain traumatized and unable to move forward in their lives, and providing culturally appropriate programs to serve them and their families.  

*All activities and discussions will be culturally appropriate and will embrace the common ground between the different cultures and faiths represented.


Any support is greatly appreciated.  


 Bridge Builders Network David  - Program Director  From 2000 - 2008 David initiated humanitarian relief projects and organized and directed   healing camps for children of war in Central Asia. He has welcomed many refugee families to San Diego in recent years and founded Bridge Builders Network, connecting communities of faith, with the mission of building bridges of friendship and understanding on common ground. 

Care Corps International Dr. James Witty - training Director.  Dr Witty is the founder and Director of Care Corps International which focuses on training non-professionals to become care givers for traumatized children of war. He is a credentialed pastor and counselor, and his love for God and victims of trauma has led him establish work in Bosnia, Uganda, Haiti, Gaza, Inner City Los Angeles, and the Caucasus region. 

Alliance for African Assistance  Simin Khadivi - Simin is the Administrator for the Alliance Health Clinic and former Director of Finance for the Alliance for African Assistance (AAA). Since 1989, AAA has contracted with the US State Department in resettling thousands of refugees into San Diego.  She daily comes in contact with refugee families struggling to adjust and adapt to the many changes in their lives and will be instrumental in identifying and inviting children especially in need of participating in our program.